eVET services

keeping track of clinic's patients as well as the entire medical history

  • instant access to medical events made 1 month, 1 year or more ago, all at a click away;
  • complete elimination of the human errors due to a lack of medical history (interventions, treatments, dosage and others);
  • status of periodic medical examinations quickly available (last and next scheduled vaccine, internal / external deworming, laboratory analysis performed) plus notification in case of their expiration;

quick insertion of new patients / owners and medical events into the system

  • savings of up to 70% of precious time wasted in manually completing medical records;

instant search of patients and medical events

  • savings of up to 100% precious time, compared to rudimentary storage methods, in physical format;

quick patient filtering based on several criteria such as health, activity level or temperament

easy generation of reports on patients, owners and events at the clinic

recording medical events in a smart and efficient way, focusing on saving as much time as possible

  • keeping track of clinical signs, treatments, diagnoses and other details independently, allowing their separation and optimal use - for example, the clinical signs field is not necessary in a cosmetic event;
  • intelligent self-generation of child events, for complete storage of medical history - for example a sterilization event contains an anesthesia, the latter being treated as an independent event, thus being available in the history;
  • full and automatic storage of prices, based on the prices set for services and those associated with treatments;

keeping track of pet owners, along with all their contact details

transparency towards pet owners by making the health card available in a digital format, along with the entire history of medical interventions

  • closer relationship with animal owners;
  • high degree of trust and professionalism;

providing notifications, sending a warning to the doctors when a vaccine or a deworming expires for a pet, when the stock of a drug is running low or they receive a rating for a medical event performed

keeping record of drug stocks, allowing a complete view of the administration history for a drug, as well as the current stock situation

the ability to save and keep track of information useful to the clinic / individual doctors through the usage of notes

free advertising of the clinic through eVET's interactive map, made available to pet owners allowing them to find the most suitable clinic, based on several filters - City, Services, Daily Schedule or Rating

storage of accounting details, as well as the total price of an event, including the price of the treatments administered

fast, online access since it is a Cloud platform

  • there is no need for dedicated hardware devices;
  • fast access, from anywhere and anytime, from any device connected to the internet - desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone;
  • data security and validity - data is stored on multiple servers simultaneously, as opposed to local storage, prone to data loss due to various causes such as virus infestation or mechanical failure (50% of hard drives break down in 5 years);
  • automatic and free updates and upgrades; all done in the cloud

digital ecosystem that promotes excellence in medical practices and connects veterinarians in Romania

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