Services & Benefits

  • List of your pets registered within eVET.

  • Instant and permanent access to pet's individual health card.

  • Digital health card available from anywhere and anytime, from any device with internet connection - desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

  • Situation of periodic checks: vaccinations, internal and external deworming - when the next visit to the clinic for revaccination or deworming must be performed.

  • Email and in-app notifications with 7 days before the vaccine or deworming expires.

  • Complete medical history of all interventions for a pet, performed at eVET partner clinics and hospitals.

  • Information for each medical intervention: doctor's name and the clinic where the operation was performed, the date, the doctor's recommendations for you and the treatments to be administered to the pet.

  • You have a direct impact on the quality of services through your reviews - ratings and messages of appreciation or dissatisfaction help to continuously develop the medical service and the doctor-client relationship.

  • Possibility to list and filter the veterinary clinics and hospitals by services, location on the map, schedule and rating. Contact information, schedule and services is displayed alongside the list of doctors and grades received after medical interventions.


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